Why should I join a life group?

1. To Make Friends

Going to Life Group is a fantastic way to make friends! Whether you’re a brand new freshman or a seasoned senior, it’s always great to meet new people. Life Group is full of deep conversations, making it easy to get to know people fast. Oftentimes, Life Groups are small groups, another factor in helping you get to know one another quickly.

2. To Be Mentored

Life Group is a perfect place to be mentored by your peers. If you are stressed about an issue in your life, bring it to Life Group. Your Life Leader is there to help you through your struggles and pray alongside you. They also give great advice.

3. To Read the Bible

One thing many Christians don’t do enough is read the Bible. College students are especially busy, making it even harder to find time to read it. Taking the time to go to Life Group ensures that you are making time to fellowship with others as well as read the Word.

4. To Take a Study Break

Life is so busy, and it seems like we’re always studying, but Life Group is a great excuse to stop studying for classes and start studying the Bible. Studying can take its toll and it’s important to take breaks, especially if it’s for Life Group.

5. To Pray for One Another

Life Group is a built-in prayer team. Bring your problems. Bring your worries. Bring your pain. Ask your whole Life Group, or just your Life Leader, to pray for you. Prayer is powerful and it helps to have a team of people there to support you.

Current study

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