The Bible is the authoritative source of teaching and instructions from God about Himself and is the only reliable guide for life. All that we believe and do should be based on it. As a Bible-based church, we center our practices and structure as much as practical on the ways of the early Christians, as reflected in the New Testament, while striving to demonstrate the church’s relevance in a changing world.

God is the creator and sustainer of all things, and is three distinct persons in one. God the Father is holy, just, loving, and the universal standard for what is pure and right; our sins grieve and anger Him. He is the ultimate Judge of humanity.

Jesus Christ is God the Son, the one and only Savior of humanity. He came to earth, miraculously born of a virgin, God in human form, so He could personally identify with our struggles. He is the only person to have never sinned, making Him the only one qualified to be a reconciling “bridge” between people and God the Father, and our only hope for attaining eternal life. He died on the cross, rose from the dead three days later, and ascended to heaven where he now governs the world by his power. He is our advocate before God.

The Holy Spirit is God the Spirit, a mediator between Christians, the Father and Jesus. Sent to help us understand God’s ways, the Spirit works in the lives of Christians to produce godly character. He helps us to understand spiritual truths and overcome temptation, assists our prayer life, and testifies to God regarding our life.

People are special creations of God. Each person has God’s image ‘stamped’ on his or her soul from conception. Created to glorify and enjoy God, each person is separated from Him by sin and is in need of forgiveness. God loves us so much that He sent His Son Jesus as a sacrifice for our sin. 

Salvation is how people are reconciled to God. Jesus, through His death and resurrection, is the only way for our sins to be forgiven. We can’t earn salvation, it is a free gift from God, available only through Jesus; like any gift, we must choose to receive it. We receive forgiveness for our sins and the gift of eternal life by faith in Christ, demonstrated by confessing Jesus as the Son of God and as our Savior and Lord, repentance (acknowledging and turning away from sin), and baptism by immersion “into Christ.” Our salvation is shown as we grow more like Jesus over the course of our lives.